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0800 Numbers FAQs

What are the advantages of having a 0800 number?

0800 numbers are great for getting new customers. A customer is more likely to call you if it is going to be free for them to do so. 0800 numbers are also recognised by the public and so they are not afraid to call them. 0800 numbers also make you appear to be a large company, even though you may only be a small one. 0800 numbers are not tied to a geographic location so you will get calls from all over the country rather than from just one place.

How does an 0800 number work?

When a customer calls your 0800 number it will route to either your mobile or landline. The customer will not know their call is being diverted and you will never miss a call.

Am I tied to a contract?

30 days written notice is all we require to cancel your number and close your account. This can be done by email, post or fax.

How long does it take for my number to be connected?

If you process your order during working hours we aim to have your number connected within the hour, if you order outside of these times, your order will be processed as soon as the office is next open.

How much will my 0800 number cost me?

0800 to mobile is charged at £5.00 + VAT set up, £5.00 + VAT monthly rental, and calls received are charged at 8 pence per minute + VAT. Charges for 3 mobile are charged at 27 pence per minute + VAT.

0800 to landline is charged at £5.00 + VAT set up, £5.00 + VAT monthly rental, and calls received are charged at 2.9 pence per minute + VAT.

Can I have access online to change where my number is pointed to?

We do not offer online access to change where you number is pointed, but we can do this for you free of charge. All you need to do is call us or email us the new destination number and we can change it as soon as possible for you. This service is available during normal working hours.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges, all charges are clearly explained on the website and are all shown to you again before ordering to confirm that you understand the pricing and have accepted the terms and conditions.

When will I be billed for this and when will the direct debit come out of my account?

You will be billed on or around the 5th of every month. Direct debits will be taken on or around the 19th of the month. You will receive your invoices by email.

If I have my 0800 number pointed to a mobile, can I then change it to be directed to a landline at a later stage?

You can change where you would like your call to be pointed at any time by calling or emailing us, and we will adjust the billing accordingly.

Can I add features to my 0800 number?

You can add any of the added value features to an 0800 number that are featured on this site. If you would like a feature that is not listed or advice on the best solution for you please call us and we will be able to offer you help and advice on how to get the call package you require.

What is per second billing?

We charge all calls received by the second. You only pay for the time you are on the call. We do not round the calls up and if you are only on the phone for 30 seconds, then 30 seconds is all you will pay for.

Are there any other 0800 numbers available?

All the numbers we can supply are listed on our website, if you have any special requirements please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with your request.

Can I monitor how many calls I am receiving to my 0800 number?

You will receive an itemised bill every month so you will be able to see how many calls you have had, how long each one lasted and where the call was made from. If you would like to know this throughout the month rather than at the end, we offer online call statistics where you can monitor your calls. This is great for customers with adverts who would like to know how many calls they are getting from these adverts and whether they are worth the money spent. Online call statistics are charged at £5.00 + VAT set up and then £5.00 + VAT per month. Please call us on 0800 142 2466 for further details.

How can I tell if a customer has called my 0800 number?

The best way of being able to differentiate between your calls is by adding a call whisper. When you answer the phone you will receive a short message to tell you where the call is from (this can be set by you to say whatever you like i.e. '0800 number calling' or 'a business call') all the customer will hear is the phone ringing. You can then answer the phone appropriately. Call whispers are charged at £5.00 + VAT set up and £5.00 + VAT monthly rental.

Is there any other routing options other than landline or mobile like Skype or VOIP?

Yes, we can also route calls through to a Skype or VOIP number.

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