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  • What added value features are available for our numbers

    11/10/2013 13:52

    the08xxfblogoWhether you have one of our 0800, 0845, 0844 or virtual numbers, there are a wide variety of added value features available than can help make your business more efficient. These include:

    Voicemail – when someone leaves a voicemail message on this feature, the message is emailed to you, as are notifications of any missed calls, including the phone number of any callers that didn’t leave messages. This helps to dramatically reduced the amount of business lost through missed calls.

    Call Queuing – Places your callers in a queue and plays music and comfort messages to them whilst they wait if you have more calls at once than you can answer. This means they don’t just hear an engaged tone or the phone keeps ringing, so you lose less calls and thus less business.

    Call Whisper – If your non-geographic or virtual number is pointing to a phone you also use for personal use, you won’t know if the call being received is personal or to your business number. Call whisper tells you when you answer the phone if it is a call to your non-geographic or virtual number, so you know how to answer the phone.

    Auto Attendant – Tells customers to press 1, 2, 3 etc for different departments – ideal for making your business more efficient if you are a large company, or for making your small business look larger than it actually is!

    Call Recording – allows you to record your inbound call and have the recording sent to your emails – ideal for referring back to details discussed in important conversations.

    We have a range of other features as well, please take a look at our website to see more.

  • Who can get an 0800 number?

    20/09/2013 17:04


    There seems to be something of a myth that only large companies can have 0800 numbers.

    This is quite simply not the case. ANYONE can get an 0800 number.

    And, it is really quick and easy to do so.

    All you need is an existing landline or mobile phone number.

    Then, you just go to our website, decide whether you want to point your 0800 number at a landline or mobile phone, and then choose a number from the list of numbers available for that category.

    You don’t need any machinery or equipment, your new 0800 number will be just pointed at your existing number.

    Your new number will normally be set up within the hour – so it is a really quick process.

    You can then choose whether you want to add different added value features to that number, such as voicemail, call recording and the “Press 1 for Sales” feature.

    If you decide you don’t want an 0800 number any more, you just have to give 30 days written notice.

    To see how much 0800 numbers to landline and 0800 numbers to mobile cost, please visit our website.

  • First impressions count …

    06/09/2013 14:34

    You don’t get a second chance at making a first impression, so you need to get it right the first time.

    This is particularly true if you are a business in the current economic climate. Whilst there might be some “green shoots” of recovery being spotted, times are still very tough, and businesses cannot afford to loose potential customers because they have made a bad first impression.

    After all, if a potential customer tries to phone you and cannot get hold of you, then unless you are offering something that nobody else can offer them, chances are they will just phone another company offering the same or a similar service and never think of you again.

    So, if they call you, and the phone just keeps ringing for ages, they will soon hang up. However, if they call and they immediately get a greeting, such as “Thank you for call the XYZ Company, your call is very important to us and will be answered shortly”, then it gives the call reassurance that you know about their call, that someone is going to answer it, and that the phone isn’t just going to ring and ring and ring, never to be picked up.

    Our greeting message added value feature can be set up to say whatever you would like it to say – it is your choice what your callers hear first when they call your business. This feature can be added to any of our 0800, 0845, 0844 and virtual phone numbers.

    For more information, visit our website, or call us on 0800 142 2166.

  • The many benefits of our great Voicemail feature

    23/08/2013 11:16

    Our Voicemail feature for our 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers, 0845 numbers, London numbers and virtual numbers has a wide range of benefits.

    The obvious one is that it allows customers and other people calling your company phone number to leave a message if they call out of hours or if you are unavailable.

    It also allows you to have your own personalised message, which can include your company name, apologies for being unavailable, and any other information you would like to convey.

    Other great aspects of this feature is that the voicemail message will be emailed to you as soon as it is left, so if you are unable to get to the phone, you can still listen to the message through your email account.

    You will also receive missed call alerts by email, so if you miss an important call, you can call them back as soon as you see the email.

    One final great aspect of the feature is that you will be sent an email with the phone number in of anyone who calls your number but doesn’t leave a message, so you can still call them back regardless of whether or not they leave you a voicemail message. This minimises your chances of losing any potential business from phone calls.

  • Stop missing calls, with our Call Queuing feature

    02/08/2013 16:29

    Whether you have just one phone, or whether you have a whole call centre full of phones, you will probably often receive more calls at one time than you are able to answer.

    A great alternative to your customers just hearing the engaged tone and having to call back later (or not) is our call queuing added value feature.

    We can add this to your 0800 number, 0845 number, 0844 number or virtual number. 

    If somebody calls you and you are unable to take the call immediately, the caller is played comfort messages, such as “your call is important to us”, and is told which position they are in in the queue.

    The call queuing feature can hold up to 50 callers in the queue, but hopefully you won’t have more than that waiting at any one time!

    As soon as the line (or a line) becomes free, the call is put through to that phone.

    This feature costs just £5 + VAT to add to your phone number, and then a monthly service charge of £5 + VAT. Visit the added value features page on our website to find out more.

  • Why Call Whisper can be invaluable

    12/07/2013 11:39

    We offer a wide range of added value features for all of our 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0844 number and virtual numbers. One of the most popular is our Call Whisper feature.

    If you have an 0800, 0845, 0844 or virtual number pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone, when you receive a call to your landline or mobile you won’t know if it is a call to your existing landline or mobile number, or if is a call to your non-geographic or virtual number.

    If you have lots of non-geographic or virtual numbers pointing to the same phone – for example different numbers for different geographic locations, or different numbers for different businesses – then you won’t know what number the caller is calling, and so you won’t know how to answer the phone.

    If you add Call Whisper to your numbers, you will hear a short recorded message when you pick up the phone, which will be the message of your choice. So it could say “0800 number”, or “Birmingham number” or “Business ABC” – so you know how to answer the call.

    The person calling doesn’t hear the whisper. Click here to learn more, and see our video above.

  • Why use the Auto Attendant feature?

    21/06/2013 16:53

    You may be wondering what the auto attendant is. It sounds like a futuristic robot maitre d’hotel. If I call it IVR then it probably sounds like something medical. But if I say “Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts”, then you will probably know straight away what I’m talking about.

    Auto Attendant or IVR is the feature that a lot of numbers have. It firstly welcomes callers to your business with a greeting message of your choice.

    It then gives you different options, such as “If you wish to speak to sales, please press 1”.

    This feature is ideal because it efficiently puts people through to the department they need to speak to. This is beneficial to both the caller and the company. It is particularly beneficial to large companies with lots of different departments.

    However, it is also ideal for smaller companies. People tend to associate this feature with large, national companies. So if they phone your 0800 number, and then get this feature, people will assume that you are a large, national company, whereas actually you might be one person with all the options pointing to the same phone!

    To find out more about this feature and a range of other added value features, please click here to visit our added value features page.

  • Why use a non-geographic number?

    08/03/2013 16:43

    Jemma Fox phoneOne of the key advantages of freephone 0800 numbers are that they are non-geographic numbers (NGNs). But what does that actually mean, and what benefit does that bring?

    A non-geographic number is not linked with any geographical location, apart from the UK. So, whereas if you phone an 020 number you know that you are calling a phone in London, or if you call a 0121 number you know that you are calling a phone in Birmingham, if you call an 0800 number, you could be calling a phone anywhere in the UK.

    This is a benefit if you are aiming to be a national company, and reaching an audience across the UK rather than just in one specific area. Because non-geographic numbers could be anywhere in the country, they tend to be thought of as national numbers, and there the companies with them tend to be thought of as national companies.

    So, if a company has a Bristol phone number, you would probably expect them to be a Bristol based company, and would probably think that their main area of operation was Bristol and perhaps the south west. If a company has an 0800 number, you would probably expect them to operate anywhere in the UK.

    So if you are wanting to do business nationally, a non-geographic number is the phone number you need.

  • Three different types of 0800 number

    08/02/2013 17:16

    0800 numbers available

    There are three distinct types of 0800 number that we offer here at The 0800 Number Company.

    The first is 0800 number to landline. This is an 0800 number that is pointed to your landline telephone, and when somebody calls your 0800 number, you receive the calls on your existing landline telephone. This is ideal if you are running a business from home and largely work there, or if you business is based in an office.

    The second option is 0800 to mobile, which points your 0800 number to an existing mobile phone number. This is ideal for people who are never sat behind a desk but are always out and about. Callers do not know that the number is pointing to a mobile phone, so it keeps your mobile number private, and makes it appear to your callers that they are phoning an office.

    The third option is 0800 fax to email. If you have an 0800 phone number, this allows you to have an 0800 fax number as well, which is particularly handy if you want to appear to be a national company. When people send you a fax, the number converts it to a PDF document and sends it straight to your email inbox – saving you the cost of electricity, paper, ink and toner, and helping the environment in the process!

  • Added value features available for 0800 numbers

    11/01/2013 16:34

    0800 Number CoThere are a huge number of benefits to having one of our 0800 numbers. The obvious one is that they are free to call from a landline phone, meaning potential customers are more likely to call your business as they don’t have to pay for the call. It is great marketing and great customer service.

    There is also the benefit of an 0800 number being a non-geographic number, which means that it isn’t associated with any specific geographical location (apart from the UK). This often allows companies to appear to be “national” and therefore bigger than they often are.

    But 9 often overlooked benefits of 0800 numbers are the Added Value Features that are available to go with them. These are:

    • Call Whisper
    • Voicemail
    • Greeting Message
    • Divert Calls On Busy or No Answer (DOBNA)
    • Time of Day Routing
    • IVR (Auto Attendant)
    • Call Recording
    • Call Queuing
    • Online Call Statistics

    These will be looked at in more depth in future posts, but all of these can be a huge help to businesses. For example, the voicemail features sends any messages to your email account as an attachment, and the IVR is a feature that invites your caller to press 1 for different departments, helping you organise your company if it is large, or appear larger if you have a small business. Call Recording also makes sure you don’t forget any details discussed on a phone call! See here for more details.

  • Key features of our 0800 to landline numbers

    12/12/2012 14:36

    The 0800 Number CompanyCalls to our 0800 numbers can be received on an existing landline or mobile phone, or they are available as 0800 fax to email numbers. This post considers only 0800 to landline numbers available from The 0800 Number Company.

    The two key points about any 0800 numbers are that they are freephone numbers, and they are non-geographic numbers.

    Freephone numbers mean that if you are calling an 0800 number from a landline phone, you do not pay to make the call. This makes 0800 numbers a very effective marketing tool. Instead, the recipient pays 2.9p + VAT per minute to receive the call, which is a small amount compared to the amount of custom having a freephone number can bring.

    All our numbers use pay per second billing, so you only pay for exactly what you use. Only 0800 numbers are freephone numbers – other 08 numbers such as 0845 and 0844 are not freephone.

    Non-geographic numbers mean that the code at the beginning of the number (in this case 0800) does not refer to any specific geographic area in the way that, for example, an 020 number refers to London. The number could therefore be for anywhere in the UK, and therefore makes companies look “national”, and as a result quite large.

    We charge £5 + VAT to set up your 0800 number, then £5 + VAT monthly rental. You only need to give 30 days written notice to cancel your number.

  • The benefits of freephone 0800 numbers

    09/11/2012 16:18

    0800 numbers The 0800 Number Company is a leading provider of 0800 numbers. Many people don’t realise what the difference is between many numbers starting with 08, so this post hopefully will help to explain what an 0800 number is.

    0800 numbers are free to call when dialled from a landline. For this reason, they are known as freephone numbers. Freephone numbers were first introduced around 1960, and 0800 numbers were first used in the UK around 1985, when they were called Freefone. They were free until mobile providers started charging their customers to call 0800 numbers from mobiles in 1985.

    Despite this, if you are calling from a landline an 0800 number is fantastic because you don’t pay for the call, the company you are calling pays for the call instead. This is also great marketing for the company, because it shows that they are happy to foot the bill for the customers. It suggests a good level of customer service, and therefore encourages more people to call them. If customers have a choice of two companies, one which is free to phone and one which costs £1.50 per minute, they will most likely choose the free one.

    0800 numbers are non-geographic numbers, meaning that 0800 does not link it to any specific location in the UK. For that reason, 0800 numbers are often viewed as national numbers and give businesses the appearance of being national companies.

    Click here to read more about our 0800 numbers to landline and here to read more about our 0800 numbers to mobile.

  • Added Value Feature: Voicemail

    10/07/2012 11:55

    In our last blogpost we said that we would look at our different added value features, to  help our customers know more about what options are available and to help them understand how these features could be of great benefit to them and their business. The first added value feature we are looking at is Voicemail.

    When you get an 0800, 0845, 0844 or virtual number, that number is pointed at an existing landline or mobile, but is separate from the number already on that phone. So your existing voicemail on your landline or mobile will not activate when someone calls your non-geographic or local number. However, for a £5 + VAT set up fee, and a monthly service charge of £5 + VAT, you can have your own personalised voicemail box on your non-geographic or virtual number, with your own personalised message to make sure you don’t miss any calls.

    An added bonus of our voicemail feature is that we will email a file of the voicemail message to you as soon as it has been left, so you can listen to it through your emails, meaning you are more likely to pick it up quicker. Also, if someone calls your number but doesn’t leave a message, the feature will email their phone number to you so you can phone them back and therefore never miss a call.

  • Introducing our range of Added Value Features

    08/06/2012 11:37

    We offer a series of excellent added value features to accompany our numbers. We will look at these in depth over the next few weeks and months, but with this blogpost we intend to give a brief overview of the options available.

    We have 9 different added value features available. 8 of them cost just £5 + VAT each to set up and then £5 + VAT per month each thereafter. One feature is more expensive.

    The features include our Call Whisper, which can let you know which number the caller is calling if you have multiple numbers, and can be used for a variety of marketing purposes. We offer a 30 day free trial of this feature. We also offer voicemail, greeting messages, online call statistics and call queuing for either your 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, virtual numbers or 0844 numbers.

    Other features include call recording, which records your inbound calls for you, IVR which invites your callers to press 1, 2 or 3 for different departments, and DOBNA and Time of Day Routing features to make sure your clients can still get hold of you when you’re not in the office.

    Keep watching this space for more indepth posts on each feature!

  • Bucking the trend – why The 0800 Number Company doesn’t tie its customers in to long term contracts

    21/10/2011 14:20

    Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0800 Number Company, talks to us about why the leading freephone number provider doesn’t tie its customers into long term contracts with their 0800 numbers, unlike many other telecoms companies.

    “One of the questions most frequently asked by our customers is how long they are tied in to a contract for when they order one or more of our numbers. The answer is often a pleasant surprise, as there are no long term tie-ins with telephone numbers from The 0800 Number Company, we just request 30 days written notice to cancel the number. The written notice can be sent to us by email, post or fax”, says Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0800 Number Company.

    “People ask us the question as to how long the contract is with a sense of trepidation and fear. They anticipate being tied in for at least a year. And they don’t want that. You can understand why. We live in volatile times. The economy, whilst not in the predicament of Greece or Italy is focused on clearing the deficit rather than boosting growth. Unemployment figures are at a 17 year high and inflation keeps going up. Small businesses are already having a hard time borrowing money from the banks and struggling to stay afloat. If a business decides to order some freephone 0800 numbers from us to try to boost their marketing campaign, and then four months later decides that actually they need to let some go because they’re doing well in one area but not another, then who are we to tell them that they should keep those numbers and keep paying rent on them for another year even though they don’t need them? Contracts like that are just another weight around the necks of small businesses, and if they no longer need them then it’s just one more bit of expenditure than they can do without. For many small businesses, every penny counts right now.

    “But for any size business, if they find that their circumstances have changed and that they no longer need 0800 numbers or freephone numbers, then what is the point of forcing them to retain them? They don’t need the numbers any more; it is unfair to make them keep something they don’t want. That only makes customers feel disenchanted, and whilst it makes a bit of extra money in the short term, it doesn’t give a good reputation in the long term. If customers are happy with the customer service and value for money provided by a company they will stay. Sometimes events happen which means they can’t, and they should not be penalised for that”.

    The 0800 Number Company provides UK freephone numbers which can be pointed to either landline or mobile phone numbers, as well as fax-to-email freephone numbers.
  • Vodafone UK temporarily cuts costs of calls to 0800 numbers ... before increasing them

    30/09/2011 15:27

    It was announced last week that Vodafone UK is changing the prices of their out-of-bundle rates. This is of particular interest because, according to Vodafone UK, 08 numbers account for a large amount of their customers’ out-of-bundle calls and so the changes mean that calling 08 numbers from a Vodafone mobile will be reduced. When the changes come into effect on the 11th October, pay monthly and pay-as-you-go customers will both pay 7p per minute to call UK 0800 numbers from their Vodafone UK mobile, and 12p per minute to call both UK 0845 numbers and 0870 numbers from their Vodafone UK mobile. The minimum charge on all of these numbers will be a one minute charge.According to Vodafone UK this will represent a savings of between 42% and 80% for its customers, as prices can be up to 35p currently. However, this price decrease is only temporary, and Vodafone are in fact raising this price to 14p per minute from 3rd January 2012.

    It was also announced that Vodafone UK customers who joined the company before February 2011 will see the cost of their calls rounded up to the nearest 50p from 11th October. Vodafone announced that it will be “simplifying” their bills by rounding it up to make the bills easier for their customers. So, if a customers’ monthly bill is normally £28.51, it will be rounded up to £29 to make it simpler for customers. Vodafone promised that nobody’s bill will increase by more than 49p per month, but this could result in millions of pounds per month extra for Vodafone when multiplied by its millions of customers.

    Not surprisingly there has been a customer backlash, particularly on internet blogs and forums, with customers feeling this was just a way to get more money out of them and make them pay higher bills. However, customers were finding that they had little choice but to accept the changes, as the small print in Vodafone UK’s contract states that customers can only cancel their contract with them if they can prove that their monthly bill will increase by more than 10%, and that they must write to do this and cancel before the new price rise comes into effect.

    A Vodafone UK spokesman said: “Very few customers will see their overall bill increase by anything like 10% because the majority of out-of-bundle calls are made to 08 numbers (because they are never in-bundle), and the price of those calls is reducing by as much as 80%. A wide range of organisations, from utility companies and banks to supermarkets and even local councils, make use of 0800, 0845 and 0870 for their customer service helplines”.

    Commenting on the news, Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0800 Number Company, said: “The news about Vodafone UK cutting the costs of calling 0800 numbers from their mobiles would be welcomed if it wasn’t for that fact that they are then going to increase them in January! Announcing that you are rounding your monthly bills up to the nearest 50p to make it easier for the customer, even if the figure after the pounds is 51p, is also backfiring, as customers understand the bills as they are, if they were rounding down as well as up then it would be more understandable, but this is just blatant price increases, so they should have just come out and said it.”
  • Fax number doesn’t match your phone number? Get a Fax-to-Email number!

    08/06/2011 10:41

    0800, 0845 and 0844 numbers help to make a company look like a large, national company, but attention to detail is important, warns Jemma Fox of The 0800 Number Company.

    “One reason why companies or individuals choose to have non-geographic 0845, 0844 or 0800 numbers is because it makes them look like a national company”, says Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0800 Number Company. “If a company’s target market is not just one specific geographical location then it makes sense for them to have a non-geographic number so that they are not tying themselves to one specific location”. For example, if your company is based in Birmingham, but you actually operate in a large area across the midlands that includes Stroke-on-Trent, Derby, Nottingham, Peterborough, Northampton, Worcester, Leicester, Coventry, etc., then if you put your actual Birmingham landline number with area code 0121 on the adverts, people in all of the other towns and cities listed that aren’t Birmingham may think that you only operate in Birmingham and so won’t even bother phoning you to make an enquiry. By having a phone number which starts 0800, 0845 or 0844, you instantaneously take away that problem, as there is no geographic location attached to these numbers, and they are therefore generally viewed as nationwide numbers.

    It is also the case that people tend to associate 0800, 0845 and 0844 numbers with big companies. Regardless of whether or not this is true, it is the common perception. Therefore, some smaller companies will often have one of these phone numbers in order to make themselves look bigger than they actually are. 

    However, the illusion can be easily broken if you wish to give out your fax number and it still has the original area code on it, eg. 0121.  Attention to detail is important! There is little point renting an 0800, 0845 or 0844 number to make you look like a larger, national company, only to blow that out of the water by listing a fax number with a geographic area code directly beneath it on your website, adverts, email signature, business cards, etc. 

    The solution to this is The 0800 Number Company’s fax to email service. Fax to email means that when someone sends you a fax, it gets converted to a PDF document and sent directly to your email inbox. This saves you on electricity, as you don’t have to leave a fax machine on constantly, as well as ink and paper. It also saves you on the cost of a fax machine! In fact, if you don’t have a fax machine but want to be able to receive faxes from clients and customers or from other businesses then fax to email is ideal, as you don’t have to change any previous existing adverts, you don’t have to purchase a fax machine or install any new phone lines, and if you find after a while that actually you don’t really need a fax machine then you can cancel the number with 30 days written notice. 

    An 0800, 0845 or 0844 fax to email number means not only do you help the environment a little bit, but that your fax number also matches your phone number, which is necessary for presentation purposes and for keeping with the corporate image. 
  • Get Your Faxes in your Email Inbox with The 0800 Number Company

    28/04/2011 15:50

    The 0800 Number Company offers a Fax to Email service for 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers and virtual numbers. What is Fax to Email? Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The 0800 Number Company looks at the service.

    “The idea behind Fax-to-Email with 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers and local numbers is relatively simple” says Jemma Fox. “Essentially, the old fax machine has had its day. It has become more or less obsolete because of emails. It is outdated for a number of reasons. Firstly, it isn’t that easy to use. Sending an email is so much more simple than sending a fax. Young people entering the work place for the first time don’t really know how to use a fax because they just aren’t as commonplace as they used to be. I’ve seen interns looking blank when asked to send a fax. Back in the 80s and 90s everybody had one. Secondly, they aren’t very efficient. You have to keep it switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Bank Holidays, Christmas, the lot. If you don’t, you won’t get the faxes. So they are a drain on electricity. They also use loads of paper, plus ink and toner, and the chances are that most, if not all, of the fax print out will end up in the bin. So they’re not green, or cost effective. Thirdly they are a drain on time, because you have to keep checking the fax machine to see if you have received a fax. Fourthly, they are a pain for filing!”

    So, what makes fax-to-email better than an ordinary fax. “Fax-to-email has taken the fax machine of the 1980s and brought it into the 21st century” says Fox. “Despite everything I have said, businesses still need a fax machine. If another business or a customer asks you for your fax number and you say that you don’t have a fax machine, they look at you like you’re from a different planet! You can explain all about how unenvironmentally friendly a fax machine is until you’re blue in the face, but the fact is that some people think that you’re not a very credible company if you don’t have a fax machine. So, fax-to-email is the solution. You can still give out your fax number on documents or when people ask for it, but when they send you a fax it gets sent straight to your email as a PDF. Therefore, you can turn your computer off as usual, and when you turn it back on your fax will be there waiting for you with all the rest of your emails. You can delete it if you so choose, or save it on your computer with other emails regarding that client or individual. Thus you save paper, electricity, ink or toner, you have your faxes in the same place as your emails, and it is so much easier and efficient than a fax machine! It really is the green alternative!”

    The 0800 Number Company charges a one of set up fee of £5 + VAT and then a monthly rental of £5 + VAT for each fax-to-email number. You pay 3p + VAT per minute to receive the faxes with an 0800 number, get a 1p per minute rebate with 0844, aren’t charged with an 0845 number, and they use per second billing. Only 30 days notice is needed to cancel the service, and they offer discounts for multiple numbers. You cannot use the same number as a voice call number, but if you have an 0800, 0845, 0844 or local number then it makes sense to have them to match.  

  • 0800 Numbers For Kids Give Peace Of Mind To UK Parents

    04/04/2011 08:08

    Most UK children rely increasingly on their mobile phones.

    Parents let them have them mainly for safety reasons. But a mobile phone doesn’t always provide that peace of mind that parents seek.  What happens when they have no signal, no credit or no battery charge?

    Having an 0800 number is a sensible precautionary back-up which means that children should be able to phone home wherever they are and whatever the circumstances.

    Read the full 0800 Number Company press release by clicking here
  • Press 1 For Sales is available for your business

    25/03/2011 08:19

    Most UK firms have the misconception that you need an expensive phone system that is linked with your IT set up before you can have added value features such as Auto Attendant - more commonly known as Press 1 For Sales...

    Any customer of:
    The 0800 Number Company
    The 0844 Number Company
    The 0845 Number Company
    The Virtual Number Company

    ...can have the "Press 1 For Sales" feature - it just takes a phone call or email to us.

    Jemma Fox, Marketing Director at The 0800 Number Company has prepared a special "Press 1 For Sales" press release which has been published on the PR Log website.

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