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Why use the Auto Attendant feature?

21/06/2013 16:53

You may be wondering what the auto attendant is. It sounds like a futuristic robot maitre d’hotel. If I call it IVR then it probably sounds like something medical. But if I say “Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts”, then you will probably know straight away what I’m talking about.

Auto Attendant or IVR is the feature that a lot of numbers have. It firstly welcomes callers to your business with a greeting message of your choice.

It then gives you different options, such as “If you wish to speak to sales, please press 1”.

This feature is ideal because it efficiently puts people through to the department they need to speak to. This is beneficial to both the caller and the company. It is particularly beneficial to large companies with lots of different departments.

However, it is also ideal for smaller companies. People tend to associate this feature with large, national companies. So if they phone your 0800 number, and then get this feature, people will assume that you are a large, national company, whereas actually you might be one person with all the options pointing to the same phone!

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