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Stop missing calls, with our Call Queuing feature

02/08/2013 16:29

Whether you have just one phone, or whether you have a whole call centre full of phones, you will probably often receive more calls at one time than you are able to answer.

A great alternative to your customers just hearing the engaged tone and having to call back later (or not) is our call queuing added value feature.

We can add this to your 0800 number, 0845 number, 0844 number or virtual number. 

If somebody calls you and you are unable to take the call immediately, the caller is played comfort messages, such as “your call is important to us”, and is told which position they are in in the queue.

The call queuing feature can hold up to 50 callers in the queue, but hopefully you won’t have more than that waiting at any one time!

As soon as the line (or a line) becomes free, the call is put through to that phone.

This feature costs just £5 + VAT to add to your phone number, and then a monthly service charge of £5 + VAT. Visit the added value features page on our website to find out more.

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