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Who can get an 0800 number?

20/09/2013 17:04


There seems to be something of a myth that only large companies can have 0800 numbers.

This is quite simply not the case. ANYONE can get an 0800 number.

And, it is really quick and easy to do so.

All you need is an existing landline or mobile phone number.

Then, you just go to our website, decide whether you want to point your 0800 number at a landline or mobile phone, and then choose a number from the list of numbers available for that category.

You don’t need any machinery or equipment, your new 0800 number will be just pointed at your existing number.

Your new number will normally be set up within the hour – so it is a really quick process.

You can then choose whether you want to add different added value features to that number, such as voicemail, call recording and the “Press 1 for Sales” feature.

If you decide you don’t want an 0800 number any more, you just have to give 30 days written notice.

To see how much 0800 numbers to landline and 0800 numbers to mobile cost, please visit our website.

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