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What added value features are available for our numbers

11/10/2013 13:52

the08xxfblogoWhether you have one of our 0800, 0845, 0844 or virtual numbers, there are a wide variety of added value features available than can help make your business more efficient. These include:

Voicemail – when someone leaves a voicemail message on this feature, the message is emailed to you, as are notifications of any missed calls, including the phone number of any callers that didn’t leave messages. This helps to dramatically reduced the amount of business lost through missed calls.

Call Queuing – Places your callers in a queue and plays music and comfort messages to them whilst they wait if you have more calls at once than you can answer. This means they don’t just hear an engaged tone or the phone keeps ringing, so you lose less calls and thus less business.

Call Whisper – If your non-geographic or virtual number is pointing to a phone you also use for personal use, you won’t know if the call being received is personal or to your business number. Call whisper tells you when you answer the phone if it is a call to your non-geographic or virtual number, so you know how to answer the phone.

Auto Attendant – Tells customers to press 1, 2, 3 etc for different departments – ideal for making your business more efficient if you are a large company, or for making your small business look larger than it actually is!

Call Recording – allows you to record your inbound call and have the recording sent to your emails – ideal for referring back to details discussed in important conversations.

We have a range of other features as well, please take a look at our website to see more.

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